Seamless Bundle Trio
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Blush Pink

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Get an introduction to Accessories of Attraction with our carefully curated Bundles.

This Seamless Trio Bundle includes
* Seamless Case
* Magnetic Card Holder
* Full Coverage Screen Protector
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This Bundle includes
* Seamless Case, Magnetic Card Holder and Full Coverage Screen Protector
* Case: Matte finish design made from strong and durable Polycarbonate
* Magnetic Card Holder: Made from high quality durable material, the cards slots will relax and stretch slightly over time to mould perfectly to your cards.
* Part of Accessories of Attraction - a selected range of IDEAL OF SWEDEN products that are effortlessly interchangeable and drawn to each other by a simple magnetic click.
* This product is made of ethical and animal-free materials

Kompatibel mitiPhone 13 Pro Max/12 Pro Max

SKU: BNDLFC3-I2167-408