Live from Paris Haute Couture Week with Leonie Hanne

To celebrate the debut of our new collection with Leonie Hanne, we are bringing you to the front rows and backstage of Paris Haute Couture Week.  Leonie Hanne is a German fashion profile who has been taking over the fashion world with an impeccable sense of style and positive attitude. n

Get the Parisian look, embrace the beauty of Paris and the legacy of fashion in one magical place. Of course, Paris as fashion capital played a strong inspiration for the collection Un Hommage à Paris and Leonie truly adores the French capital as much as we do.n

“I love the four main fashion weeks for different reasons - the different cities, vibes and designers. But PARIS is always my highlight. PARIS and fashion and also Couture goes hand in hand. There is so much history and inspiration at every corner and some of the French couture houses are still the most powerful ones in the world. Attending their shows still feels like a dream.”n

“The fast fashion element is something I would love to change! Making choices on fashion that will last is so important and it’s really about quality not quantity. I’m always questioning my buying behaviour and how I buy and resell pieces or donate them. No one is perfect, but we can all try our best to think longer term.”n