29 Juni, 2018

Get to know – Saranda Reci

iDeal Of Sweden’s Swiss webshop just launched and because of that, we thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know one of our Swiss influencers a little bit better. We first met Saranda at our event in Zurich earlier this spring and immediately fell for her bubbly personality and amazing sense of style.

Saranda Reci is 26 years old and originally from Albania but are born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland where she still lives. Expect from running an Instagram and blog about fashion and style she also works for an international fashion brand and has studied business administration with a specialization in marketing.


Saranda describes her style as clean and basic with a mix of rock and chic. She usually upgrades her look with a cool bag or pair of shoes, and always wears her beloved sunglasses. She also likes layering, especially in the winter, but even in summertime, she likes to add e.g a kimono to her look, for that layering-feeling. Her interest in fashion started early in her life.
–       I started sketching and drawing when I was around 8 years old because I wanted to become a fashion designer. Over the years, I started doing more portraits instead of fashion, and now it’s something I do for myself when I have time. It’s pretty cool when Nick Batman reposts or Rihanna likes your pictures!

Saranda finds her inspiration from a lot of different places, mostly from other people and from Instagram but also from old tv-shows.
–       I started to watch Friends from the beginning, and they actually had pretty nice style! Style always comes back.
However, she wouldn’t say that she has a particular style icon.
–       I have people who inspire me, but I don’t have one person that I call my style icon. I think I would have started to copy her or him then, and that’s not something I want to do.

Her best style tips are to dare and to not be afraid or wearing anything.
–       If you like it, rock it! Then other people will like it as well, as long as you wear it with confidence!


When it comes to Switzerland and their style Saranda isn’t too impressed but means that it has gotten much better the last couple of years.
–       People, especially in Zurich, are very interested in brands. A lot of them have designer bags or shoes.
However, she thinks that iDeal Of Sweden’s products fits the Swiss style well because of the products being stylish but not too abstract. They look clean but still special.
–       That’s great so that the Swiss people don’t have to go completely out of their comfort zone.

Saranda’s current favorite case is Carrara Gold.
–       I adore all-white looks! I also have the Power Bank which is a perfect match to the case. It’s a really nice and clean case that goes with everything. I have the feeling I’m cheating on my Wild Leopard case now which I also adore, haha!

We ask Saranda about her favorite places in Zurich. When it comes to shopping Saranda is mostly shopping online, otherwise, it’s to Zara or Mango she goes. Also, she likes to visit vintage stores, where Fizzen is one of her favorites. In the summertime, she thinks that you’ll find the best brunch at Quai 61.
–        It’s located just by the lake which gives a nice view and at the same time also a touch of Paris.
For dinner, Saranda prefers TAO’s which is an Asian-fusion restaurant located in the center of Zurich. Finally, for drinks, Saranda likes George, Kaufleuten, Frau Gerolds Garten or Rimini, depending on the weather.

Social Media

Saranda describes her Instagram as pretty simple because she’s almost only doing street style shots and trying not to plan for photo shoots.
–       I post the outfit that I’m actually wearing that day, and for example, I wouldn’t buy flowers for a picture just because it’s trendy at the moment. I’m just being me. Also in my IG stories, for example, I’m singing and doing embarrassing things, so it’s just like meeting me in person.

To be who you are is also the best tip she has when it comes to succeeding with your Instagram.
–       I know that it sounds weird, but really, be genuine. Share only things you would recommend to your friends. For me personally, it’s not about numbers, but who’s behind the numbers.
Therefore, she doesn’t have a goal in terms of numbers when it comes to her social media’s. Instead, her goal is to inspire her followers and to treat them well in terms of answering their questions and so on. This is also one of the best things about being an influencer she thinks.
–       For me, the best thing is to do what I love – share fashion and exchange with my community. I love to help people and to inspire them!


Family and friends are also a very important part of Saranda’s life.
–       My friends and family motivates me, and can always cheer me up when I’m feeling down. I think it’s important to have the right people around you.
Especially important in Saranda’s life is her sister.
–       I love to share every experience with her, she’s the best!

A perfect day in Saranda’s life would start with a brunch somewhere with her ladies. The afternoon she would preferably spend by strolling around the city and later have a drink before the evening that she wishes to spend with her family.
–       After that maybe watch Netflix, haha, just chill!

In 10 years Saranda sees herself being married and having kids. Right now, however, what she wishes for the most is vacation!

Want to keep being inspired by this lovely lady? Follow her here!

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